Kazi Nazrul Islam Website

Since 1999, I have dedicated a website on the Rebel Poet, Kazi Nazrul Islam. You are invited to visit the site at http://www.nazrul.org.

Some of my writings on Nazrul too are archived at the site.

  1. Humanity, Universalism and Nazrul
  2. Nazrul: An Enduring Voice, A Neglected Legacy
  3. Nazrul: The Call for Sportsmanship
  4. Nazrul and Labeling based on fragmented views
  5. Ramadan and Eid in Poetry: The Contribution of Kazi Nazrul Islam
  6. SHAME: The first and the real one, but we did not listen
  7. Some contrasting and juxtaposed ideas from the World of Nazrul [Watch video]
  8. The Spirit of Global Belonging: Perspectives from Some Humanity-Oriented Icons
  9. Toward Understanding Nazrul: The Rebel and More

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