My Writings

My Writings on SSRN Archive:

A. Academic: Published

    1. Basic Needs Approach, Appropriate Technology, and Institutionalism
    2. Displaced Commercial Risk (DCR) and Value of Alpha (a%) or Islamic Banks in Bahrain/GCC
    3. Dow Jones Islamic Market U.S. Index: Applying Technical Analysis from a Comparative Perspective
    4. Exploitation, Profit and the Riba-Interest Reductionism
    5. Global Financial Crisis and the Link Between the Monetary and Real Sector: Moving Beyond the Asset-Backed Islamic Finance
    6. Hoarding versus Circulation of Wealth from the Perspective of Maqasid Al-Shari’ah
    7. Qard Hasan, Wadiah/Amanah and Bank Deposits: Applications and Misapplications of Some Concepts in Islamic Banking
    8. Riba, Interest and Six Hadiths: Do We Have a Definition or a Conundrum?
    9. Self-Interest, Homo Islamicus and Some Behavioral Assumptions in Islamic Economics and Finance
    10. Shariah Governance, Expertise and Profession: Educational Challenges in Islamic Finance
    11. Stipulation of Excess in Understanding and Misunderstanding Riba: The Al-Jassas Link
    12. The Challenge of Poverty and the Poverty of Islamic Economics
    13. The Challenge of Poverty and Mapping Out Solutions: Requisite Paradigm Shift from a Problem-Solving and Islamic Perspective
    14. The Riba-Interest Equation and Islam: Reexamination of the Traditional Arguments
    15. Qiyas (Analogical Reasoning) and Commodification of Women: Applying Commercial Concepts to Marital Relationship in Orthodox Islamic Law

B. Quasi-Academic

  1. The Real Sector and Pitfalls of Financialization

C. Other

  1. Apostasy, Freedom and Da’wah: Full Disclosure in a Business-Like Manner
  2. Change and Continuity: The Dynamics of Institutional Behavior in Islam
  3. Choosing Islam
  4. Einstein, Zionism and Israel: Setting the Record Straight
  5. Humanity and the People Power: A Tribute to Dr. Ali Shariati
  6. Islam and Genocide: The Case of Bangladesh in 1971
  7. Mind-Building: A Neglected Dimension of the Prophetic Heritage
  8. Rape and Hudood Ordinance: Perversions of Justice in the Name of Islam
  9. Rejoinder to Muhammad Ayub’s ‘Qur’an, Hadith and Riba Connotation: A Critique of the Paper by Dr. Mohammad Omar Farooq’
  10. Sahih as ‘Rigorously Authenticated’ and Hasan as ‘Authenticated’: Unwarranted Translations and Creating Misperceptions
  11. Taqwa, Ramadan and the Qur’an: The Triangular Link of the Islamic Ethical System
  12. Toward Understanding Muhammad: Some Issues in Peace and Violence
  13. Women Scholars of Islam: They Must Bloom Again
  14. ‘Zionist Ideology and the Reality of Israel’: The Thoughts of Nahum Goldmann

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